Golf Ground (Kalika)

It is Asia’s second biggest natural golf ground. It is located just 5km from “RoopTara” Valley. Ranikhet Golf Course is one of the highest golf courses in Asia. Ranikhet Golf Course is known as Golf ground by locals. Ranikhet Golf Course is a 9-hole course making it one of the prime attractions of Ranikhet for tourists. This golf ground is under Kumaon Regiment, Ranikhet but after 2pm public is allowed to visit here.

Haidakhan Temple

The Haidakhan Temple is adorned at Ranikhet. This temple made by Haidakhan who is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva to whom this temple is dedicated. The birth of Haidakhan is always been a mystery. He left his mortal remains in 1984, at an early age.

Jhuladevi Temple (Mallroad) Ranikhet

Jhula Devi temple is a place of attraction at Ranikhet hill Station. It is situated at a distance of 7 km from the town of Ranikhet near Chaubatia Gardens. The Present Temple complex was constructed in 1935. The countless bells that hang around the temple compound are a testimony to the divine and the healing powers of "Maa Jhula Devi".
It is said that the Temple is nearly 700 years old. Chaubatia was a dense forest full of wild animal. Leopards and Tigers used to attack people and take away their livestock. People felt scared and prayed to "Maa Durga" for their protection from the dangerous wild animals. It is said that "The Goddess" appeared in a shepherd's dream and asked him to dig up a particular place where he would find an idol and She wanted a temple to be constructed at that site. After that the villagers constructed a temple at that site and installed the Idol of the Deity and thus the villagers were freed from the harassment by wild animals and the shepherd could roam around the area freely.

Binsar Mahadev Temple

At a separation of 18 km from Ranikhet, Binsar Mahadev Mandir is an old Hindu temple arranged at Bisaona close Ranikhet in Uttarakhand. The temple is encompassed by thick deodar timberlands and lies at an elevation of 2480 m. The Binsar Mahadev Temple is committed to Lord Shiva adored here as Bindeshwar.The temple was worked in tenth century by King Pithu in memory of his dad Bindu, thus this temple is otherwise called Bindeshwar temple. The temple likewise houses the icons of Lord Ganesha, Goddess Gauri and Goddess Mahisasuramardini. The icon of Mahisasuramardini is engraved with writings in Nagarilipi which goes back to as ahead of schedule as the ninth century.The temple is known for its fine engineering. It is trusted that Binsar Mahadev temple was worked in a solitary day. The surroundings of the temple offer lovely perspectives of new water springs and cedar woodlands. It is a one of a kind place for reflection and cookout.

Chitai Temple

Located at a distance of 10 km from the main city of Almora, Chitai Temple is very popular temple among the locals as well as tourists. The temple is dedicated to Golu Devata, a highly respected local god who is considered an incarnation of Lord Shiva. Golu Devta is particularly known for the way he hears the prayers of devotees. To tell the wish to Lord Golu devotees write letters to him and some even convey their wishes by writing them in stamp papers. Number of letters and stamp papers can be seen in temple premise. One more specialty of the temple is number of bells donated by devotees. Whole temple campus is covered with the bells donated by devotees. A temple full of bells is a view worth watching. Monkey menace as any other hill temple is evident here as well so tourists are advised to carry as fewer items as possible.

Jageshwar Temple

Jageshwar temple has got such a serene location that it will take you directly in to the lap of narture. The temple has 124 shrines and hundreds of statues with outstanding craftsmanship to visit. Ancient shiva temples with pine trees all around and flowing small hill river makes makes it a grand feast for the soul.

Nanda Devi Temple

This historic temple of sister goddesses Nanda and Devi is placed in the center of the Almora town. Image carving on the temple walls is mesmerizing. The famous Nanda Devi festival is held in the month of September every year. It is a grand celebration since long back. Earlier celebration included sacrifices of goats and buffalos in huge number but with course of time and indent of new ideologies tradition of sacrifice has stopped.

Dunagiri Temple

Dunagiri temple is located 14kms far from Dwarahat. A temple is dedicated to goddess Durga. It is believed that when Haniman Ji was carrying the mountain with ‘Sanjiwani buti’ for Laxman, a piece of it fell here and since that day this place is known as ‘Doonagiri’.