Welcome to RoopTara Valley

A place which gives you immense pleasure, peace & calm. If you want a break or get away from your hectic schedule, you will not find a better place than “RoopTara” Valley (Majkhali) ,very near to Ranikhet.

In 1968, Roop & Tara came to this place for the very first time which was then a jungle. They bulit their home here by their own and started living, soon after which they turned this place into a heaven adding all facilities like lavish gardes, orchids, and other basic ameneties.

Now this place being one of the paramount place in Almora district gives a perfect view of the Himalayan range. Any fancy name for the resort would suffice but “Roop Tara” is the perfect tribute to who discovers this place.

Far away from the crowd, there is nothing that would come between you and nature at “Roop Tara” Resort (Majkhali) Ranikhet. A 180 º panoramic view of Himalaya from the balcony & greenery gives plain joy & happiness.

Plan a perfect family holiday with Deodar, Pine, various fruits trees for your company amidst the tranquil ambience. At Roop Tara resort Majkhali, wake up to the sound of birds, Sun rays glowing the Himalaya Mountain.

“RoopTara” resort Majkhali offers a breath taking view of snow covered mountains and lush green valley from the private patio of the cottages and sky full of stars at night. You could simply spot the visitors Identifying various constellations (i.e. saptrishi, orion).

If you have always dreamt of having lush green holiday homes where you could take pleasure of moderate summers and winters, then Ranikhet is undoubtedly the place you want to be. With cool morning breeze coupled with coffee, the melodious chirping of birds, a stroll on the grass with exquisite snow-capped hills around, this destination is simply the best.

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